Updated IPM Guidelines for Dry Beans for Diseases and Abiotic Disorders

Mar 21, 2018

The Diseases and Abiotic Disorders section of the UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines for Dry Beans have been recently revised and updated and are now available online at UC IPM Dry Beans Pest Management Guidelines.

Authors include Farm Advisors Carol Frate (emeritus) and Rachael Long and UC Davis Professor Paul Gepts. Two new diseases were added, including pythium in established plants and chocolate blotch on limas.  The Fusarium wilt sections were also consolidated and new photos were added throughout the guidelines.  This includes an updated photo page to compare common diseases and abiotic symptoms to help identify them (Photo Identification). 

With the upcoming planting season for dry beans, these guidelines can help with managing diseases in your fields. Worried about southern blight? Yes, beans are susceptible and you'll need to rotate to a non-host crop, including corn or grains for at least 2-years to reduce the inoculum. How about alfalfa mosaic virus? This disease is transmitted by aphids from alfalfa fields, so avoid planting beans adjacent to alfalfa. This information and much more are available through the revised UC IPM Dry Bean guidelines! 

The remaining pest management sections, including insect pest and weed management, are in the process of being revised and will be published soon! 

By Rachael Freeman Long
Author - Farm Advisor for Field Crops, Pest Management