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Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
UCCE Farm Advisor
(209) 953-6120


Rachael Long
Rachael Long
UCCE Farm Advisor
Field Crops, Pest Management

(530) 666-8734


Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark
Assistant CE AdvisorAdvisor
Agronomic Cropping Systems

(559) 852-2744


California Dry Bean Advisory Board provides funding for much of the research reported on this site. We appreciate their continued support.

Dry Bean Production Information

Dry Bean Production, How to Manage Pests

University of California Integrated Pest Management Program


Dry Bean Production Newsletter

Selected dry bean production information

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Viruses in Garbanzo Beans PDF 5/22/15
Blackeye Production Basics PDF 3/23/11
Garbanzo Diseases PDF 3/13/08